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Workforce solutions refer to services and tools that allow you to outsource certain aspects of your business so that you can focus on other facets. Outsourcing your staffing and management to some extent can help you provide better customer service and streamline your process. We are a team of dedicated professionals well equipped with technology to help you get the most out of your business.

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Staffing Services
The right staffing leads to smoother and on-time deliveries. StafinGo integrates cutting-edge HR technology with your business model to save costs, maximize efficiency, and improve the quality of the recruitment process.
Managed Services
We, at StafinGo, provide managed services to almost all kinds of businesses to help our customers handle projects and overcome any obstacle with ease. In simple words, we focus on the management so that you can focus on business growth.
Consulting Services
Carrying years of experience, Stafingo offers reliable HR consulting services to startups, SMEs, and well-established companies in various industries. We value our relationship with you more than anything.
Outsourcing Services
StafinGo has considerable experience in helping businesses in a wide range of sectors to outsource their most significant tasks. We have collaborated with some of the most successful businesses in the market to streamline their workflows and simplify their processes.
Employee Leasing Services
StafinGo offers its customers a low-cost method to outsource administrative tasks related to workers' compensation, payroll, HR, and benefits management. As a result, the client is free to focus on running and expanding their company, while we handle all of the administrative and operational details.
Payroll Services
StafinGo, we can provide you assistance in the streamlining of time tracking and payment services, in addition to the maintenance of employee records and the submission of relevant state and federal documents in an accurate and effective way.
Recruitment Services
StafinGo team is here to make your life simpler. We are a creative recruitment agency with access to a large pool of professionals in every sector you can think of. It all starts with the connections we build with you, which helps our talent recruiters hire and look for the right talent at the right time.
Healthcare Services
We are a professional healthcare staffing agency that recruits talents of in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, optical technologies, and private healthcare industries as well as other areas of healthcare and life sciences.